Lagos And United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Partner to Bolster Energy for Residents of the State

American Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria
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On November 22, US Consul General Will Stevens and Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu held a handover ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Lagos State Integrated Resource Plan to strengthen overall energy security for residents.

Access to a stable and sustainable energy supply is critical to the long-term sustainable development of the over 15 million residents of Lagos State. As the most populous in Nigeria, Lagos State has a projected increase in peak electricity demand of as much as 400 percent by 2040. The Integrated Resource Plan serves as a blueprint and plan to improve planning and sectoral coordination while providing guidance on the energy development of Lagos State. requirements for stakeholders, including federal and state agencies, regulators, power generators, electricity transmitters and distributors, investors, and consumers.

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The Integrated Resource Plan will improve sector planning and coordination to provide stable and sustainable energy to all citizens and businesses. The plan will outline resource development plans for the next 20 years to meet the long-term electricity needs of residents, businesses, industries, and public/government facilities such as hospitals and health clinics. The plan was developed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Power Africa Nigeria Power Sector Program, in partnership with the Lagos State Government.

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“The US government is committed to expanding and supporting the modernization of Lagos’ energy sector, to build a foundation for broad and inclusive economic and social development. This Integrated Resource Plan is a concrete testament to the partnership between the United States and Lagos State as we both work together to create a sustainable and equitable future,” explained US Consul General for Lagos, Will Stevens.

The US Government, USAID and Power Africa will continue to collaborate with Lagos State to implement the plan to support further planning and coordination of the power sector and advise stakeholders on the development requirements of the Lagos State power system.

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