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Before finally coming to the streaming platform, Megan achieved blockbuster status in the cinema. this not hard to see why. Gerard Johnstone’s domesticated horror films seem to have an eerie aura in our homes.

The last time I felt so close to the horror on the screen was when I watched Ram Gopal Varma’s Boot and more recently Malayalam movies Bhoothakaalam. To a large extent, both of these films depend on lighting to produce fear. Fear in Megan comes from normal surfaces and conversations. There are no simulated lights to suggest a sense of foreboding.

Neighbors bother walking their dog who just got lost. When we find out what happened to the canine, and the whodunit, there is no surprise, but there is a tangible throbbing terror, indescribable in a cinematic sense. But it is there. We can feel it.

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It all started when little Cady’s parents were killed in a freak road accident. Cady now had to stick with her stiff upper lip aunt Gemma (Alison Williams, not strong enough in the tough part of working women facing demoniacal domestic crisis). Ironically, Gemma is into game manufacturing.

Aunt Gemma who is more into research on her computer than her brooding niece brings home a human-sized doll that actually talks back when her child talks to her.

The rest is pretty much on a predictable path. And yet so out of the usual horror tropes feels like something we have never seen before. full marks to the actress playing Megan the deadly doll. Amie Donald appears to be human and yet chilling in her another worldAs if he belongs to another time and space and yet, for the moment, the most frightening ally of our fate.

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The movie is rushed, as if time is running out. Once the evil underbelly of Megan’s personality was established, I found the corpses piling up too quickly. There is a distinct difference in pace and rhythm between the early and later parts of the narrative as if it were all planned out, which it seems to be.

and Megan it must be a funny horror effort, if it is called a horror-comedy it would be rude. For all his face gleam-and this product is very polished – Megan The goal is to make a statement about loneliness, friendship, loyalty and possessiveness. It kills it with its rock-solid storytelling.

There is no time to hesitate in Chucky-meets-Samantha (from the movie his) swish-forward. Megan is a more sophisticated work than the theme suggests. We know the terror-doll theme has been beaten to death. But the doll here taps into its human companion’ solitude with such delicate finesse, we are left wondering, is she really as evil as she is shown to be. perhaps Megan 2 will answer those questions that this movie does not have time or patience for.

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Oscillating between gentle and scary Megan serving dishes that a crossing between junk food and cuisine.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based journalist. He has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the industry inside out.

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