Relationship expert reveals the top 10 things you should know about your partner

A relationship expert has revealed the top 10 questions you should be able to answer about your partner in order to ensure your relationship is healthy.

Professional relationship therapist Lauren Konsul, from Los Angeles, California, has put together questions in the video, which includes how your partner likes their eggs cooked, based on conversations she has had with real-life partners over the years.

Lauren, 34, admits if you can answer all the questions about your partner correctly, ‘you’re doing something right’.

After her TikTok video garnered 3.5 million views, it seems it’s providing food for thought for couples around the world.

Although she has generated a lot of conversations with her list, Lauren admits that many people struggle with the question, which also includes how often your partner wants to have sex and how they flirt.

She said: ‘Many people can answer a lot, but then some responses say they don’t even know this about themselves!’

Lauren draws on her experiences speaking to clients throughout her career and how they influence the questions she creates.

Lauren’s top 10 questions you need to know about your partner

1. Do you know how your partner likes his eggs cooked?

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2. What will your partner consider a big purchase?

3. What was your partner’s dream job in elementary school?

4. If you arrived at the bar before your partner, what would you like to order?

5. How often would your partner ideally want to have sex?

6. What do they remember the most?

7. What direction do they like toilet paper, more or less?

8. What tells them the biggest that they are stressed out?

9. How do they like you to flirt with them?

10. What are some of the biggest stresses in their lives now?

After many people said they argued with their partners about ‘small things’, he pointed out that arguments are usually less about the topic at hand and more about ‘what’s underneath the argument’.

‘The real argument is about ‘do you see me’?, ‘do I matter’?’ she explained.

‘A lot of couples come in and have little things that they fight about – little things that create big moments.’

However, he added that it is important to remain aware of the little things that are related to loved ones.

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‘If you don’t pay attention to the smaller things too, it’s like you don’t fully see your partner,’ she says.

After being a therapist for over seven years, Lauren used the phrase ‘death by a thousand pieces of paper’ to describe a failed relationship.

He said: ‘You have to notice those little things and work on them.

‘We are wired to connect with people. If we don’t feel seen or heard by them they can cause pain.’

For those struggling to answer Lauren’s questions, she says it’s important to cultivate an ‘environment of curiosity’ and ‘never assume’.

“That’s the main tip for couples – ask questions and don’t assume,” she says.

‘We are constantly evolving and the answers change, don’t assume you already know.

‘They don’t have to be super deep questions; You can start simple. Ask them about their day and how they’re feeling

‘It doesn’t have to be about relationships either.

‘For some couples it’s high stakes to talk about their relationship so start conversations about other things like work, media, TV and just life in general.

‘The disconnect can happen overtime but try and make sure you continue to engage with the question and don’t assume.’

Lauren made a TikTok video where she shared the top 10 questions you should answer about your partner - which has 3.5 million views.

Lauren made a TikTok video where she shared the top 10 questions you should answer about your partner – which has 3.5 million views.

Lauren makes sure she applies the same thinking to her relationships, especially as she knows how easy it is to ‘get the routine of life’.

She said: ‘I have two children, so I know how easy it is to get into the routine of life.

“We spend all our time together but there are times when we can feel disconnected so it’s important to ask each other how we feel.”

‘Make relationships as much a priority as you do other things.

‘I’ll put a note on my phone next to my partner’s number, with things I know he likes and things we can do together.

‘So we can make efforts to do those small things.’


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